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The Pas is situated in Central Manitoba about 500 km north of Winnipeg and 35 km from the Saskatchewan border on the banks of the Saskatchewan River


Today's population is approximately 6,600 persons. The trading area, which constitutes the Ralls Island farming community to the east, Carrot Valley farming community to the West, the Clearwater Lake and Rocky Lake communities to the north and surrounding First Nations Reservations, totals approximately 15,000 within a thirty mile radius. Population growth has been negligible over the past several years, but not in a negative situation as is evident in some other locations in Manitoba. (Source: Canada Employment Centre).


Our Economy

The Pas has an economic and cultural background as diverse as any in the province. While we do have several major employers such as Tolko (Pulp & Paper Mill), Keewatin Community College, Manitoba Provincial Offices, Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN) and Hudson Bay Railway, farming and fishing support hundreds as well. Our 135,000 acres provide over $10 million annually to our local farmers. Tourism is also very significant, however exact figures are unavailable.


The Pas is serviced by all major modes of transportation except pipeline.

Calm Air, partner of Canadian Airlines International operate a daily flights from Winnipeg and also offer connecting flights to Flin Flon and Thompson. PTH #10 provides a good paved surface north and south of The Pas, while PTH #283 provides a grade surface to Saskatchewan. The shortcut, PTH #60 through the Interlake makes the road trip to Winnipeg possible in six hours. VIA Rail runs a thrice weekly service to Winnipeg with sleeping and dining convenience.

Since The Pas is the focal point of northern transportation, many people use it as a base for travels further north.

Our economic diversity gives us a strong economic base. Over the last several years, our Real Estate market has enjoyed a nice, slow, steady increase in terms of property values...in most cases just keeping ahead of inflation - in some cases the appreciation has been greater. The Pas can be considered 'small town Canada'; that is, we are not susceptible to the 'boom or bust' economy of some of the other provinces and we are not experiencing an influx of Eastern money that is as some say, "artificially raising prices of real estate". This does not seem to be a negative point... there is a certain amount of security that a purchaser can expect with the purchase of Real Property in the local market.

Residential Real Estate is and always has been active here in The Pas. There are 1533 single family dwellings, 153 duplexes, 153 trailer units and our average yearly turnover is anywhere from 200 to 300 sales per year (including rural as well). As of today’s date, there are 672 apartments in The Pas between bachelor, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom suites.

The population is somewhat transient (i.e.. Keewatin Community College students) and they only require temporary accommodation. As a result, there is also a steady turnover of properties for revenue purposes. This appears to be limited to single family residential dwellings that sell for less than $60,000.

Land is available in and around The Pas. Residential building lots are available for $2.30 per square foot in town and for approximately $13,000 per lot unserviced (1 to 2 acre lots) within 5 minutes from town. There is also a supply of about a dozen rural lots for sale within a 15 km radius. Commercial lots are available... call us for your needs.

1997 saw approximately 200 sales of single family dwellings. This represents approximately 15% of the market turning over per year or each home selling every 6 2/3 years. Normal listing time of a property like the subject would be 30 to 60 days provided it is not priced out of the market. A good marketable listing of this sort should be listed at no more than 5% over fair market value to ensure this.

The Commercial Real Estate Market here in The Pas is much less active simply because of the limited number of commercial properties for sale. The properties that do sell seem to be on the market for less than 90 days if they are priced properly.



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