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The real estate profession has been around for over 100 years; that longevity only happens if the consumer believes in the merits of the service.

Most people are capable of selling their own home, as long as they are willing to make the commitment of time, effort, and money it will take to make the sale! However, there are also pitfalls to watch for when you sell your own home – some that could cost you more money than the commissions you would otherwise pay, and others that could even cost you the sale!


You may make more money using a REALTOR than "by owner" selling

Buyers shop "buy owner" sellers for one reason – to save the commission. If they succeed, you don’t.

When you sell by REALTOR, you pay no selling costs unless the home sells: if you sell "by owner" you must extensively advertise with your own money, and without guarantee of sale


Your home receives broader and quicker exposure

More exposure: 1600 REALTORS working to sell your home are likely to get results sooner than just you. If it takes an average 60-90 days to sell a home on MLS, how long is it likely to take you? You could get lucky, of course.

Quicker: REALTORS typically work 5 to 10 buyers at any time. They watch for new listings.


You have better access to more buyers

About 85 per cent of Buyers work with REALTORS (see 4. below).
Most transferred staff uses REALTORS because companies recognize the value of using professional relocation specialists.


Buyers benefit greatly by using REALTORS.

REALTORS do the work for the sellers, and save them time and hassle.
REALTORS have access to about 90 per cent of available homes. You have only one home.
REALTORS permit comparison pricing and help Buyers make the right decision.
Out of town buyers work with REALTORS to save limited time.


A sale is more likely with a REALTOR than without.

Buyers heed REALTORS’ advice because its objective.
REALTORS can ask questions the seller can’t e.g. income, cash available debt.
REALTORS can follow up effectively – they have the prospect’s name and phone number.


Your home is advertised professionally to all prospects.

Professional signs & ad layouts are part of the REALTORS "tool kit"


Your home may sell even if not advertised directly.

REALTORS advertise and promote extensively, and invite people to call them.
Callers may buy your home even if they are calling about a different one.


Your home will be priced for effective sale.

Correct pricing sells a home.
REALTORS know the market, and they know your goals


You are able to respond quickly to market changes

Quick response can save you money! REALTORS are aware of market dynamics – that’s their business!


You get effective marketing aids to sell your home

E.G. Home Profile Sheets, tips on presentation of home, etc.


Your Prospective Buyers receive financing awareness

REALTORS know financing – that can make or break deals!


You will be less inconvenienced using a REALTOR

REALTORS do all the work with prospects, and handle details.
Buyers have 24-hour access to REALTOR; you can have a normal life!
You can avoid an emotional roller coaster that comes from being rejected by prospects.


You have more security.

REALTORS ensure only qualified buyers come through your home


You get the benefit of professional showmanship

REALTORS learn and understand each Buyer and Seller’s wants/needs.
REALTORS can "sell" the features they know a buyer wants.
REALTORS can compare your home favorably to competition


You get the benefit of a trained negotiator.

REALTORS negotiate without conflict, and are trained to be effective.
Objective, competent negotiating provided by a skilled REALTOR will maximize the proceeds to clients.


You can avoid legal pitfalls or high legal fees

Buyers may use contract forms that have legally risky clauses, or terms not beneficial to the Seller.
REALTORS use proven Contract forms, and know how to protect the clients’ interest.



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